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pump lube

In the previous posts we discussed the basic advantages of JS series electric concrete mixer for sale. As we know the parts and accessories can also figure out the serve life of the machine.

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Do you understand how much about this? Today, our engineer will share you the innovative innovation embraced in lubrication system of our JS series concrete mixer. It is electric concrete mixer with electric lubrication system and has self-lock for aggregate bucket lifting and centrifugal pump for water feeding.

Lubrication system of the electric concrete mixer for sale utilizes automatic multy pumps. It makes use of 380V electronic motor, which could offer sufficient energy to grease to the shaft ends promptly.

Second of all, it equipped with NLGI II( NLGI 2nd generation) or NLGI III (NLGI third generation) grease ensures the best results.

Finally, unique pump pin space design supplies grease to the 4 combining shaft seals. Thanks to such design, there are no more grease supplier maintenance problems and improved working reliability for the concrete mixer machines.

Our engineer concludes that there is not just the lubrication system makes use of the advanced technology, so do some other components. He continues to talk a little about the feature of reducer. He discloses that our JS series electric concrete mixer for sale presented technology from Italy in reducer and oil sealing system.

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